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About us

Located in the heart of Friedrichshain, Partenope081 is a treasure trove of unparalleled sensory experiences.

The restaurant, named after the myth of Partenope, the magical mermaid who played a leading role in the founding of beautiful Naples, catapults us right to the foot of Vesuvius with its warm and familiar atmosphere.

The Tradition

The dishes in our restaurant fully reflect the city of Naples and its unique and unforgettable flavour. We use only fresh, organic and delicious food, sourced directly from the sunny Neapolitan countryside.

Each dish is a taste of the charming southern Italian city. If you have never been to Naples, this is the right place to get an idea. The staff at Partenope81 will welcome you with open arms and be ready to satisfy your every hidden culinary desire. Seduction will happen immediately, try it to believe.